An agrifood tech venture creation platform

Program overview

At THRIVE we work directly with some of the biggest names in the agrifood tech ecosystem to identify the key issues facing our food system. Our goal with the THRIVE Studio is to leverage IP, research, technology and entrepreneurial thinking to solve some of these pressing issues, while building successful businesses from scratch in the process.

Are you working on a solution that could transform the agrifood landscape? We want to hear from you. We evaluate submissions based on where the greatest unmet needs exist in THRIVE’s ecosystem and the agrifood market. 

Opportunity Areas

We are at the forefront of the agrifood tech landscape and are looking for entrepreneurs and researchers with ideas that solve challenges in the following areas:

• Crop biologicals
• Crop protection with biodiversity
• Crop genomics & gene editing
• Biotech


• Microbiome
• Alternative protein
• Performance/health foods
• Food ingredients
• Aquaculture
• Fibre & gut health


• Traceability & transparency
• Resilience
• Novel equipment, harvest
• Marketplaces


• Robotics and AI
• Indoor Farming
• Predictive analytics
• Data platforms
• Farm & resource management
• Agronomy tools for C&N efficient Ag


• Decarbonization
• Regenerative Ag/Soil health
• Biobased materials/products
• Circular bioeconomy/waste

How it works

Good solutions can come from anywhere

Which is why we work with research organizations and
post-secondary institutes to quickly test solutions and commercialize technology. We work with researchers and entrepreneurs to develop a custom development plan, building a foundation for future success.

As the solution grows and moves through the business lifecycle, companies can take advantage of other THRIVE programs such as the Academy and Accelerator for later stage companies.