THRIVE Australia Challenge

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SVG Ventures has partnered with both the State of Victoria Government and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) to drive commercialization of Australia’s AgTech and FoodTech startups and create a bridge to Silicon Valley investors, startups, and corporate partners to bolster Australia’s innovation and development in the food and agriculture sector.


Agriculture Ecosystem




THRIVE Australia Challenge

when and where

Expo: February 13

Location: LaunchVic

Time: 5.00 pm to 7.45 pm

panel judges

Susan Lucas Conwell_Small_2019

Susan Lucas-Conwell



John Hartnett

CEO & Co-Founder SVG Ventures-THRIVE


Prof. German Spangenberg

Head, Agriculture Victoria Research



Blakthumb, named as a Top 500 global FoodTech company, develops new technologies to optimise sustainable growing and develop the supporting systems and infrastructure. We create the environment for anyone to grow anywhere. We are developing farming systems for scale, focusing on crop diversity and equitable food access.

DiagamiRs is developing a novel signature for advanced animal diagnostics.  The primary goals are early detection and diagnosis of mastitis and detection and treatment before cell counts increase or pathogen spread and 
diagnosis for decision support on antibiotics use and treatment options.

GROW LOGIC uses science to support our Tech-Agronomy focused tools to increase plant productivity, reduce pest and disease incidence and forecast yields and harvest dates. We use data science to provide machine learning and predictive analytics to generate new sets of data, providing valuable insights into farm operations.

The HiveKeepers online portal brings the information collected from within the HiveKeepers App and neatly displays your information in a simple and easy to use format. The app provides key insights for beekeepers including: detailed inspections at four levels - Apiary, Hive, Box and Frame;  photos of frames to visually track progress over time and with Google Maps integration.

Platfarm makes it simple and cost effective for growers to manage their land with precision — helping to maximise yields while optimising inputs, minimising wastage, and increasing environmental sustainability.  Everything you need to know from a device you already know. View aerial imagery. Create prescription maps. Platfarm's tools control inputs and optimise land.

Mobble is farm management software for livestock producers. From animal records to paddock treatments, our farm management software has all the features you need to manage your operation effortlessly.

SOSBio is leading the development of efficient commercial fertilisers for environmentally friendly agriculture that are backed by fundamental scientific research.

SOSBIO is developing new technologies and microbial enhancers in organic fertilisers as we believe this space represents the greatest opportunity to guarantee sustainable food production around the world.

The future of irrigated cropping where connected infrastructure and automation is accessible, robust and seamless in operation.

Just imagine being able to scan fruit & vegetables and find out why you should pay more for organic produce. Zondii aims to give consumers the ability to detect pesticide residue, as well as identify levels of key nutrients in real time. Zondii scanners even differentiates between grass fed and grain fed beef. Consumers immediately  understand the benefits of paying for healthy organic produce, decisions are made easy.