Global Accelerator Manager

Victoria Ivanova is the Manager of the Global Accelerator at THRIVE where she plays a critical role in supporting early-stage founders and drives all programmatic, project management, and execution initiatives within the Accelerator. Based in Chicago, Victoria brings a wealth of experience in venture capital, strategy, and operations to her role. Before joining THRIVE, Victoria managed the RelishWorks accelerator program Food Foundry, where she helped startups achieve success through mentorship, strategic planning, and identifying funding opportunities. She also executed corporate pilots at Relish Works to support go-to-market activities for portfolio companies and drive innovation within the $21b parent company. Previously, she was part of the Strategy and Operations consulting team at Slalom Consulting, where she advised Fortune 500 businesses through business transformations and performance improvement initiatives. In 2020, Victoria founded a pro-bono consulting company to assist early-stage founders in navigating the challenges of the pandemic. Passionate about promoting sustainable and equitable agri-food systems, Victoria is committed to supporting and connecting early-stage founders with transformative scaling opportunities through investment, advisory, and corporate support. Victoria earned her undergraduate degree in Finance and Business Law from Pennsylvania State University.

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