Director of Corporate Programs

Carin Gerhardt is the Director of Corporate Programs at THRIVE, the leading global agrifood tech accelerator, run by SVG Ventures. Previously, she led the TERRA food & agtech accelerator at RocketSpace, supporting global food & ag brands such as Nestle, Graincorp, and Tate & Lyle to connect with strategically aligned emerging growth organizations. By connecting global corporations, startups, investors, and experts, she supports the collaborative transformation of the food system through technology innovation. Starting in a foodtech microbiology lab as a researcher, she has stepped into many roles in the innovation ecosystem, from field to manufacturing and R&D innovation consulting, having developed a broad vision about how its stakeholders engage to develop new solutions and to be leaders in their industries.

Carin holds a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

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