SVG & THRIVE Announce $1m investment in Third Cohort


Media contact: Emily Breslin, Emily.Breslin@SVGPartners.Com

April 11, 2017, Salinas, CA– Entering its third consecutive year, the THRIVE AgTech accelerator announced today that it will invest a total of $1m across the ten companies participating in its third cohort.  Each of the ten companies will receive a $50k cash investment plus an additional $50k in program value.  With corporate partners Taylor Farms, Land O’Lakes, Western Growers Association, Verizon, Driscoll’s Berries, Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory, Panasonic, Wells Fargo, the City of Salinas, PMA, and Sun World Innovations, THRIVE AgTech has quickly evolved to become the world’s fastest growing agtech-focused accelerator and investment platform.

During the course of THRIVE’s intensive 8-week program, companies will be provided both classroom and online training in business planning, strategy, marketing, supply chain, finance, fundraising and communication skills.  Through THRIVE, the 10 seed stage companies will have access to expert guidance through a paired mentorship program, co-working space at the Western Grower’s Innovation Center in Salinas, CA, field trials with THRIVE’s corporate partners, global press and media during the Forbes AgTech Summit Demo Day, and seed capital. THRIVE mentors and corporate partners will interface with each of the ten company teams to propel agriculture towards a more sustainable, efficient, and productive future through direct collaboration, field trials, and eventually, partnership.

“Last year’s winners Trace Genomics received a $200k investment but this is the first year we have invested across the entire cohort class” SVG Partners CEO & THRIVE founder John Hartnett said, “we are excited to scale these startup companies to the next level through our THRIVE AgTech platform, partners and mentors”

Held for the third consecutive year in downtown Salinas at the Taylor Farms headquarters, Seed Camp brings together THRIVE corporate partners, mentors, and new cohort companies for a day of presentations and discussions centered on the future of agriculture. In the days following, the ten startup teams will take field tours to Hahn Winery, Taylor Farms, Driscoll’s Berries, and the Flex 9 Lab in the Silicon Valley.


Introducing the THRIVE III cohort- 2017


Headquartered: Princeton, New Jersey

Arable enables agricultural enterprises with real-time continuous visibility and predictive analytics of crop growth, harvest timing, yield, and quality based on in-field measurement.



Headquartered: Campinas, Brazil

Targeting the LatAm market, Agrosmart monitors environmental conditions in real time to empower growers to make better decisions and achieve more productive and sustainable agriculture.



Headquartered: Santa Clara, CA

Blending machine learning with computer vision with the mission to design a fully transparent and digitized food system.



Headquartered: San Francisco, CA

Deeplook builds robots that work autonomously in fields, can distinguish between various types of plants and growth stages, and can mechanically act on targeted plants through proprietary algorithms.



Headquartered: Podavo, Italy

EZ-Lab is a digital hub to manage, certificate and share agri-information, which integrates every type of data coming from a company’s information system, with the purpose of eliminating the operation of data insertion by farms and the whole agribusiness production chain.



Headquartered: Tel Aviv, Israel

Farm Dog changes the way growers choose, use, and purchase pest and disease treatments. Treatment efficacy reviews, regional alerts, and variable rate treatment application provide growers with a new toolkit to manage their fields.


MicroGen Biotech

Headquartered: Carlow, Ireland

Microgen Biotech utilizes patented isolation and high-throughput screening methods to isolate functional, high-performance microbiomes for application in agricultural crop production and environmental remediation.


Tortuga Agricultural Technologies

Headquartered: Los Gatos, CA

Tortuga AgTech builds digital horticulture facilities, which take the most advanced greenhouse growing methods and wrap them around powerful technology like robotics, automation, precision data analytics and machine learning.



Headquartered: Los Angeles, CA

UAV-IQ is a full service data management company that leverages cutting-edge remote sensing and drone technologies for agriculture clients.


3Bar Biologics

Headquartered: Columbus, Ohio

3Bar Biologics is dedicated to applying disruptive technologies to create ecologically sound products that sustainably increase yields and protect farmer’s investments in land and seed



SVG Partners is an investment, technology and advisory firm that partners with organizations on strategy, innovation and global expansion. Since 2007, SVG’s experienced  team of senior technology leaders and venture capital investors have worked with global corporations and scaling companies to drive competitive advantage from strategy to implementation. Through its accelerator and open Innovation programs, engineering and development services, and executive strategy and advisory, SVG Partners helps build and scale innovative technology companies worldwide. SVG Partners is based in Silicon Valley, CA.


THRIVE AgTech’s mission is to connect the expertise of tech companies to on-the-ground knowledge of agricultural companies, the financial backing of investors, and the entrepreneurs solving problems in the AgTech space. THRIVE unites these communities in order to drive the development and adoption of sustainable technology enhancements necessary for securing the global food demands of the future. The THRIVE program targets two stages of companies, the very early to commercially ready. Early stage companies accepted into the program go through a rigorous bootcamp and receive mentorship from industry leaders to help them scale their companies. THRIVE’s Open Innovation program directly connects corporate partners with high growth startups to trial and deploy cutting edge technologies focused on agriculture.



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