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THRIVE Global Impact Report

In this report, we navigate through the landscape of the agtech sector in 2023, highlighting key trends and pivotal developments. The year presented its fair share of challenges, but the resilience of the agtech ecosystem stood out. Despite broader adversities, technologies that offer tangible and measurable impacts continued to attract significant funding.

THRIVE Top50 AgTech and FoodTech Reports

This annual report showcases exceptional companies who are pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology. Top 50 companies are scouted for their exemplary leadership teams, technology, and traction and are selected following months of rigorous research by the THRIVE team in collaboration with our Corporate Partners. To qualify for a coveted spot on THRIVE’s Top 50 listing, a company must have a product in market, have received a minimum of series A funding, and be ready to scale.

Canadian Agrifood Tech: Investor Lens

Canada’s agrifood industry is a cornerstone of the country’s economy and culture, employing 1 in 9 Canadians and accounting for approximately 7% of GDP. Globally, Canada is an important contributor to food supply, ranking 5th in worldwide agrifood exports1 . Going forward, the sector will have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in building economic resilience and positioning the country as a competitive global player.

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Realizing the Potential for AgTech in Alberta

Agriculture has the opportunity to play a pivotal role in building economic resilience while creating a sustainable future. Advancement of the sector starts on the farm, and innovation is fundamental for helping farmers produce food more efficiently. A collaborative, ecosystem approach used to empower farmers is essential to seize this opportunity.

In this report we highlight eight opportunities for innovation, barriers to adoption, and solutions that empower farmers, improve outputs and performance, while increasing innovation on the farm.

This report was created based on the needs and challenges of Farmers in Alberta, Canada, however the pain points highlighted are faced in agricultural communities across the globe. The solutions and opportunities presented in this report are universally relevant, and can be adopted in regions around the globe to increase the adoption of technology and catalyze innovation on the farm.

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Driscoll’s and Plenty on a Mission to Grow Flavourful Strawberries Indoors

In October 2020, Driscoll’s and Plenty Unlimited Inc., announced a joint development agreement to grow Driscoll’s proprietary flavourful strawberries year-round in Plenty’s vertical indoor farms. Driscoll’s 100 years of farming heritage and focus on delivering Only the Finest Berries is the ideal complement to Plenty’s industry-leading, sustainable, indoor farming technology and commitment to growing the best tasting produce. 

Agriculture Robotics & Automation Perspective

Since most of the work involved in growing tree crops like grapes and apples, and on-ground crops like vegetables and strawberries (so-called “specialty crops”) is still done manually, growers are facing problems of rising labor costs and labor shortages.

3 Actions to Advance Sustainability in Agriculture

The climate crisis has the potential to threaten lives and incur incalculable damage—much of which people have already begun to see—and unfortunately, time is no longer running out to solve for climate change—time is already out.

Spotlight on THRIVE Female Founders

Women and individuals with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds have historically been underrepresented in both the agriculture and technology industries. Now, a new generation of startups led by women, with a diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities, are seeking to provide novel perspectives to agriculture’s problems with tech innovation.