Our Mission

To catalyze Agrifood Tech innovations for a sustainable, nourished world, investing in visionary entrepreneurs and technologies that revolutionize global food systems while addressing Climate Change.

Investment Thesis

Facing climate change and strained resources from a burgeoning population, we urgently need solutions. The fusion of big data, AI, biotech, and agriculture is spawning disruptive startups. These Climate Smart Ag & Sustainable Agrifood-tech startups promise not only a sustainable future but also entry into a market teeming with both impact and profit potential.

Investment Themes

Biotech/Life Sciences

Food & Nutrition

Supply Chain

Digital Farming




Alternative Protein
Performance/Healthy Foods


Supply Chain

Traceability & Transparency
Novel Equipment,
Harvest, Transport & Storage


Digital Farming

Robotics & AI
Indoor Farming
Predictive analytics
Data Platforms
Farm & Resource Management



Regenerative Ag/Soil Health
Biobased Materials/Products
Circular Bioeconomy/Waste


Biotech/Life Sciences

Crop Biologicals
Crop Protection
Crop Genomics & Gene
Biotech Tools
Synbio Platforms

Investment Profile

We invest in transformational, disruptive technologies paired with exceptional management teams. Our investments target Seed & Series A start-up stages of company development.

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Meet our impressive portfolio of startups

Agrology is a predictive agriculture system that helps farmers monitor greenhouse gases, improve soil sequestration, and generate carbon credits.
Arugga is developing autonomous ground robots to treat and monitor every plant in the greenhouse in order to tackle labor shortages and cost.
Autonomous Pivot develops an intelligent platform for optimizing irrigation, fertigation, and crop-protection in fields irrigated by irrigation-pivot.
Continuum Ag uses its TopSoil software to equip farmers with soil health data intelligence and provides a Regen Roadmap for agronomic success!
Cynomys patented IoT solution monitors the environment inside animal farms to help improve animal welfare, decrease the use of antibiotics, increase production and measure carbon emissions.
FICOSTERRA is a marine biotechnology company that manufactures plant biostimulants for the optimal agronomic performance of crops.
LiVA offers a natural food preservation solution that extends shelf life by promoting good bacteria growth, reducing energy use and packaging needs.
OneCup AI’s BETSY, Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance, is a facial recognition technology for animals that can be used to track their health, growth, nutrition, activity, and phenotypes.
Robigo is a biotech company that develops precision microbial treatments to improve plant health and recover lost crop yields.
Sensegrass is a soil iantelligence platform that uses a combination of AI-based recommendations and soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management.
Soiltech offers wireless monitoring for agriculture through the Beacon Sensor, a device that tracks soil moisture, temperature, humidity, location, and even detects bruising.
Solena uses AI and the world's largest soil microdata repository to recommend customized probiotics for farms.
Space AG is a software platform that empowers people in agriculture through digitization and data collection, providing information that improves their quality of work and life.
ARGENTINA uses blockchain technology to verify and track agricultural practices, allowing farmers to share this information securely with companies.
Verdi Platform allows growers to build, manage, and scale precision agriculture systems that work for them, by connecting sophisticated software and modular hardware with the farm data layer.

Our Team

Meet our world class investment team... with deep technical & operating experience, global networks, and proprietary deal flow, adding value beyond capital.

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Revolutionizing Agrifood Tech

The Agrifood sector is leading with groundbreaking innovations, rising to meet the challenges posed by our changing climate and growing population. At SVG Ventures, we’re at the heart of this revolution. Our THRIVE-led initiatives have cultivated strong ties with numerous corporate partners and thousands of startups. Since the inception of THRIVE Accelerators in 2015, we’ve successfully graduated over 100 companies and, through SVG Ventures managed funds, invested in more than 50 promising Agrifood startups.

Pioneer Fund

We specialize in early-stage, Seed to Series A, Agrifood startups. Our unique market insights, along with the robust THRIVE ecosystem, positions us to identify promising ventures, ensuring not just the potential for significant returns but also fostering scalable businesses that have a lasting positive impact. If you’re an accredited investor eager to co-invest in our portfolio or learn more about participation as a limited partner in our latest fund, SVG Ventures Pioneer Fund, we invite you to submit your information.

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