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The THRIVE Innovation Summit is held annually in Silicon Valley and each year attracts 250+ agribusiness leaders, investors, agtech and foodtech startups, and California and Midwest growers. The summit is a unique opportunity to meet and hear from our THRIVE Top 50, fifty companies shaping the future of the agriculture supply chain as well as leaders of Fortune 500 food and  agriculture corporations implementing these disruptive technologies.

The Innovation Summit includes an Innovation Showcase featuring THRIVE Top 50 startups, THRIVE Accelerator companies and alumni as well as panels and fireside chats covering topics such as blockchain, indoor/vertical farming, biotechnology and automated agriculture.







8:00 am – 6:30 pm


Santa Clara University

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2019 speakers


keynote speaker

Beth Ford, CEO, Land O’Lakes

Beth Ford is the 9th President and Chief Executive Officer at Land O’Lakes, Inc., a role she was named to July 26, 2018. Ford was named President and CEO by Land O’Lakes board of directors after a series of successful executive postings within the company since she joined in 2011.

Most recently, as executive vice president and chief operating officer for Land O’Lakes Businesses. Beth was respondible for the Purina Animal Nutrition, U.S. Dairy Foods and WinField United businesses, wich reported 2017 net sales totaling $14 billion.

  • Mareese Keane
    Mareese Keane Director of THRIVE Corporate Innovation
  • Britaldo Hernandez
    Britaldo Hernandez CEO, Solinftec
  • Michael Chrisenten
    Michael Chrisenten Director of Global R&D Technical Services - Driscoll’s
  • Scott Holmstrom
    Scott Holmstrom Senior Director, Global Product Development, Elanco
  • Bill Even
    Bill Even Chief Executive Officer, National Pork Board
  • John Hartnett
    John Hartnett CEO, Founder, THRIVE, SVG Partners
  • Laurent Martel
    Laurent Martel Director General, InVivo
  • David Rosenberg
    David Rosenberg CEO, Aerofarms
  • Walt Duflock
    Walt Duflock THRIVE Start Up Mentor
  • Kunal Prasad
    Kunal Prasad Co-Founder & COO, Cropin Technology Solutions
  • Chris Kitts
    Chris Kitts Associate Dean of the School of Engineering, Santa Clara University
  • John Ottoboni
    John Ottoboni COO and Senior Legal Council, Santa Clara University
  • Arama Kukutai
    Arama Kukutai Managing Partner, Finistere Ventures
  • Maciej Kranz
    Maciej Kranz VP/GM Corporate Strategic Innovation, Cisco
  • Adam Bergman
    Adam Bergman Senior Vice President, CleanTech Banking & Head of AgTech Practice, Wells Fargo
  • Claudia Rössler
    Claudia Rössler Director Industry Solutions, Strategic Business Development, Chemical & Agriculture, Microsoft
  • Ayal Karmi
    Ayal Karmi COO, Taranis Ag
  • Rob Dongoski
    Rob Dongoski Partner, Global Agribusiness Leader, EY
  • Minsoo Pak
    Minsoo Pak Principal, EY
  • Joe Weber
    Joe Weber EVP Growth and Business Development, Smithlfield
  • Kirk Bresniker
    Kirk Bresniker Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect, HPE
  • Karsten Temme
    Karsten Temme CEO, Pivot Bio
  • Beth Bechdol
    Beth Bechdol CEO, Agrinovus
  • Renato Hersz
    Renato Hersz Director, Solinftec
  • Darryl Matthews
    Darryl Matthews Sector Vice President, Natural Resources, Trimble
  • Deborah Magid
    Deborah Magid Director, Software Strategy, IBM Ventures
  • Todd Mockler
    Todd Mockler CTO, Benson Hill Biosystems
  • Steve Kaniewski
    Steve Kaniewski CEO, Valmont
  • Teddy Bekele
    Teddy Bekele VP AG Technology, Winfield, Land O’Lakes
  • Manish Kothari
    Manish Kothari President, SRI Ventures
  • Jonathan Hua
    Jonathan Hua Accelerator Manager
  • Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen
    Peter Votkjaer Jorgensen Venture Partner, Maersk Growth
  • Laurie Menoud
    Laurie Menoud Investment Manager, BASF Venture Capital America Inc.
  • Vonnie Estes
    Vonnie Estes Vice President of Technology, Produce Marketing Association
  • Daniel Koppel
    Daniel Koppel CEO, Prospera
  • Lisa Gillmor
    Lisa Gillmor Mayor, City of Santa Clara
  • Neal Gutterson
    Neal Gutterson CTO, Corteva Argiscience
  • Sherry Phillps
    Sherry Phillps SVP, Forbes Live
  • Poornima Parameswaran
    Poornima Parameswaran Ph.D, CO-Founder, Trace Genomics
  • Wang Liwen
    Wang Liwen Deputy Director-General of the Administrative Committee of Nanjing state-level Agricultural Innovation Park
  • Greg Young
  • Aidan Connolly
    Aidan Connolly President, Alltech/ AgriTech Capital
  • Ryan Barr
    Ryan Barr Sr. Director - Information Technology, E. & J. Gallo Winery