The THRIVE Scale-Up Immersion Program identifies and supports top international scale-ups who are developing cutting edge solutions for the global agri-food tech value chain.

We accelerate their access to investment, partnerships, networks, and business opportunities in the U.S. and North America.

If you are an economic agency, trade association, or similar organization tasked with the mission of optimizing opportunities for your leading agri-food tech startups then this program is tailor-made for you.

Why Participate?

Becoming an Immersion Program Delegation Partner offers a multitude of benefits:

Silicon Valley’s reputation as a tech hotspot, housing a multitude of tech companies, venture capitalists, and innovation ecosystems, is well-known. By participating in our immersion program, your scaleups gain entry into this vibrant hub of innovation, enabling collaboration and potential partnerships with industry leaders.

What sets our program apart is our dedicated agritech network and unwavering commitment to the sector. This unique positioning ensures that participants not only access Silicon Valley’s innovation hub but also tap into a specialized ecosystem tailored to their needs in the agritech sector.

The program facilitates networking with industry experts, investors, and potential collaborators from THRIVE’s extensive global ecosystem, offering invaluable connections and opportunities for your organization in addition to the scaleup companies.. These connections can lead to valuable insights, funding opportunities, and strategic partnerships for your scaleups, while also fostering meaningful relationships and collaborations for your organization. Participants will receive complimentary tickets to THRIVE’s Global Impact Summit in Silicon Valley in November 2024.

Immersion in Silicon Valley exposes participants to cutting-edge technologies, best practices, and emerging trends in the agri-food tech industry. This knowledge exchange empowers organizations to stay ahead of the curve and implement innovative solutions in their home markets.

Participation in the program enhances your organizations credibility as an innovation enabler and showcases your commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Similarly, for scaleups, being selected to participate in the program can significantly enhance their credibility and visibility within the agri-food tech ecosystem. It serves as a validation of their potential and can attract further investment and partnerships.

The program offers your organization a platform to showcase your initiatives, amplify your brand presence, and solidify your position as a key player in driving innovation and trade collaboration on a global scale.

Scaleups will also capitalize on the global exposure offered by Silicon Valley by expanding their reach and opening doors to international markets and opportunities.

Who can participate?

The Immersion Program is open to all Series A to Series C companies with innovative agtech solutions that meet the following requirements:

The Immersion program welcomes Series A to Series C stage companies with innovative agtech solutions that fulfill the following criteria:

    • Must be selected by program partner
    • Proficient in conducting business discussions in English
    • Able to attend at least 75% of virtual mentorship sessions and workshops
    • Available to participate in the in-person Immersion Week in Silicon Valley from November 5-8, 2024

Benefits to the Scaleups

Premier Virtual Program

6 week, 8 session program featuring live best practices workshops, pitch masterclass & alumni case studies

Expert Mentorship

Receive support and mentorship from THRIVE team & leading industry experts

Silicon Valley Immersion Week

Engage with THRIVE accelerator cohorts and participate in workshops, tours & networking events.

Access to THRIVE Global Impact Summit

Complimentary ticket to attend the Silicon Valley Summit

Amplified Brand Exposure

Maximize your brand exposure through THRIVE’s extensive global network, press and media channels

Accelerator Opportunities

Potential for selected startups to be invited to participate in THRIVE’s Award Winning Accelerator Program


Soil Health & Biodiversity

Every year, billions of tons of soil erode, exacerbating biodiversity loss. Prioritizing soil vitality is critical to ensure long-term food security, bolster biodiversity, and mitigate climate change impacts. This includes solutions for regenerative agriculture, bio-based pest control, novel crop nutrition, diversified ecosystems, and transition finance initiatives.

Food Security & Waste Reduction

Our emphasis on food security addresses the critical challenge of sustainably feeding a growing global population, given the significant amount of food wasted annually. We seek solutions to optimize resource use, promote climate-resilient agriculture, automate and digitalize on-farm operations, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce waste.

Reducing and offsetting GHG emissions

Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change, posing a significant threat to global sustainability. Our goal is to drive a shift towards a low-carbon economy by focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture technologies, and sustainable transportation.

Nutrition & Health

Improving nutrition and health is key to a sustainable food system. This encompasses a range of solutions including precision nutrition, cultivated food ingredients, rapid testing for quality and safety, and sustainable alternative proteins for both food and feed applications.

Cleantech: Water and Energy

In the face of escalating global water scarcity, leveraging CleanTech in the realms of energy and water becomes crucial. Our newest global impact focus includes technologies that enable smart irrigation, enhanced water measurement, eco-friendly inputs, bioenergy, energy management, and land use optimization.

THRIVE Scaleup Immersion Program Timeline