A series of challenges for startups solving the world's toughest problems

The THRIVE Global Initiative recognizes and promotes key early and late-stage startup innovators that positively impact different regions of the world.


The THRIVE Global Initiative will catalyze and accelerate the transformations needed in the entire food value chain aiming to solve some of the critical challenges facing the global agriculture industry. Through a series of international pitch challenges, THRIVE will address the key initiatives highlighted by the USDA and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Our Biggest Purpose

The initiative aims to enable the needed transformations in the entire food value chain leading to growth and resulting in better lives and a better environment.

Global Initiative Goals

Our key goals are to identify, promote, accelerate, and invest in innovative solutions from early-stage and later-stage startups around the globe that can create new and alternative paths for a more efficient and sustainable global food system.

Regional Challenges

We’re hosting international pitch challenges across the globe in search of game-changing companies with solutions to make our global food system more sustainable for future generations.

4 February, 2021
17 December, 2020
14 January, 2021
7 October, 2021
2 December, 2021

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How to engage

Headline Partner

Headline Partners are looking to be the key sponsors and supporters of the Challenge, spotlighting early-stage startups that solve local or global agrifood challenges, while getting visibility from the global innovation ecosystem.


Challenge Partners are looking to support the regional challenge, highlight the best startups in the region, and collaborate with key innovation leaders in the agrifood space.


Startup Partners are interested in supporting the challenge winner while getting visibility regionally and globally through our community of over 19k startups, scaleups, corporations, and investors in agrifood tech.

Co-marketing Partner

Co-Marketing Partners have an extensive network of agrifood innovators in the region and are interested in getting visibility within our community of over 19k startups, scaleups, corporations, and investors in agrifood tech, while supporting the communication of the Challenge.

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