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October 7, 2021

Congratulations to our EUROPE Challenge Winners

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What is it?

The THRIVE Europe Challenge solves problems of the European agrifood industry, accelerates the development of the ecosystem, and selects the best startups and scaleups for investment and global recognition. The Challenge is closely aligned with the Farm to Fork Strategy within the European Green Deal—which seeks to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 while doubling down on achieving the UN SDG’s—and brings innovators to the forefront to help lead the way.


Startups should be Seed to Series A with technologies focused in the following areas


A one-stop-shop solution for biological plant protection. They aim to reduce food waste and support organic food production by developing farm to fork solutions, like biological fungicides and coatings.

Provides autonomy as a system: a ready to use autonomous platform with virtual planning tools and valuable data models.

Helps dairy groups achieve their climate goals by facilitating the implementation of techno-economical climate mitigation strategies on their farms.

Is the first autonomous bidirectional gatewayless platform which combines cloud based SW and 5G/LTE solar powered IoT, connecting "live" cloud management with farms and integrating soil sensors, crop sensors, weather models and remote sensing through satellite images.

Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the agricultural pest control process, transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying to precise and selective spraying of chemicals.

Produces a plant-based protein using Lupin beans to meet the accelerating demand for sustainable and tasty plant-based foods. They utilize a crop that is suitable and regenerative for European farming while providing a high protein, high fiber, low fat crop to produce protein plant alternatives.

Enables a greener future for fish farming by producing a sustainable, scalable and cost-competitive alternative to soy – the main component of fish feed today. Their production process runs on side streams from biorefineries, such as corn ethanol mills, providing them with clean water and a valuable new source of revenue.

Is developing optical sensors and analytics to measure crop physiology so farmers can grow better food at lower costs & reduce waste.

Helps the post harvest niche to maximize grain value across the entire supply chain by maintaining quality, eliminating waste and optimizing operational costs with smart algorithms.

Have developed a kit to help farmers rapidly test and treat only those animals found to be infected. The Micron Kit allows farmers to test animals for parasites on-site with an app that returns results in 10 minutes.


Winning Company receives

The winner will receive the THRIVE Europe Challenge Award and advance to the finals of the global THRIVE Accelerator Program with an opportunity to be selected for the THRIVE VIII Cohort in Silicon Valley, CA.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs


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How to engage

Headline Partner

Headline Partners are looking to be the key sponsors and supporters of the Challenge—spotlighting early-stage startups that solve local or global agrifood tech challenges while getting visibility from the global innovation ecosystem.

Challenge Partner

Challenge Partners are looking to support the regional challenge, highlight the best startups in the region, and collaborate with key innovation leaders in the agrifood space.

Startup Partner

Startup Partners are interested in supporting the challenge winner while getting visibility in the region and globally through our community of over 18k startups, scaleups, corporations, and investors in agrifood tech.​

Co-marketing Partner

Co-Marketing Partners have an extensive network of agrifood innovators in the region and are interested in getting visibility within our community of over 18k startups, scaleups, corporations, and investors in agrifood tech, while supporting the communication of the Challenge.

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