Current Cohort

The below companies are part of the THRIVE Canada III cohort.

AdvancedAg Incorporated - Alberta, canada
Founder: Joshua Day Chief - CEO, Ashley Day Chief - COO

AdvancedAg is a global leader in biological technology. With over 20 years of data-driven research, they have developed the most effective line of bio-products for the agricultural industry.

AdvancedAg’s team of experts work with farmers to provide sustainable solutions tailored to their farm. Biologicals are here to stay and AdvancedAg’s commitment to innovation and education continues to separate them from other bio-products on the market.”

Joshua Day Chief
Ashley Day Chief

At Carbon OxyTech, we specialize in pioneering environmentally sustainable technologies that convert carbon-based resources into valuable products. Our innovative processes center around transforming domestic residual feedstocks such as coal and biomass into premium humic acids. By harnessing solid hydrocarbons abundant in Canada, our goal is to produce high-quality humic and fulvic acids through cutting-edge and unique technologies. Our humic substance products are characterized by high concentration, solubilization, and homogenization, featuring notably low ash levels and elevated carbon and oxygen content, certified in accordance with ISO standards.

Abdallah Manasrah
Co-Founder & CEO
Nashaat Nassar
Carbon Oxytech - Alberta, Canada
Founders: Abdallah Manasrah - Co-Founder & CEO, Nashaat Nassar - Co-Founder
Cellar Insights Inc. - Alberta, Canada
Founders: Terry Sydoryk - CEO, Ross Culberson - Co-Founder

Cellar Insights provides agricultural growers and processors with actionable information to optimize the storage and logistics of their crops. Cellar’s smart data analytics assist in enhancing the quality, health, and value of stored crops. Additionally, these insights contribute to better logistical efficiency, as well as reducing energy and water consumption. Through increasing yields and reducing risks to crops, global food security is also improved. Cellar Insights is initially targeting a significant and unmet need in the North American potato industry for its smart storage monitoring, management, and logistics solutions, with significant upside potential by expanding to other geographies and to other crops in storage.

Terry Sydoryk
Ross Culberson

We are taking the wastewater from land-based fish farms and turning it into a profit center for our clients empowering them to have a green premium with Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture.

Nicholas LaValle
Co-Founder & CEO
Hunter Bishop 
Timothy Edmonds
Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies CIC - Nova Scotia, Canada
Founders: Nicholas LaValle - Co-Founder & CEO, Hunter Bishop - Co-Founder, Timothy Edmonds - Co-Founder
Cubbi Technologies Inc - Alberta, Canada
Founder: Dawson Norrish - CEO & Founder

Cubbi is a digital food service platform for Office 2.0. Businesses looking to improve their in-office experience pay a low monthly subscription and give their team access to Cubbi’s highly curated menu of healthy and delicious meals from top local chefs, all without delivery fees, tips, or minimum orders.

Dawson Norrish
Founder and CEO

Else Labs is building the future of autonomous cooking in every kitchen. We pride ourselves as being innovative thought leaders in food tech. We first invented Oliver by else, a robot chef that replicates stovetop cooking. After receiving so much interest from the commercial industry, we introduced The Oliver Fleet. This is a kitchen solution that is versatile and compact, making kitchen operations smooth, efficient, and streamlined.

Khalid Aboujassoum
CEO & Founder
Else Labs (Tahi Technologies) - Ontario, Canada
Founder: Khalid Aboujassoum - CEO & Founder
Farmer's Hive - BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada
Founders: Thomas Noonan - CEO & Co-Founder, Tomas Hrdlicka - Co-Founder

Grow with us and work remotely together.
Farmer’s Hive™ proprietary cloud-based technology increases plant health by remotely monitoring extreme weather changes, water usage and environmental patterns to organically prevent pest & disease. 
The plug & play smart sensor design communicates problematic areas in real-time, data measurements include soil moisture, soil temperature, atmospheric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity & humidity deficit.
This allows users to get in front & benefit from predictive analytical tools driven by The Internet of Things, Digital Plant Life Science & Machine Learning. Enhanced monitoring at this level increases efficiency & resource optimization. Enabling early problem detection through remote sensing and built in traceability.

Thomas Noonan
CEO & Co-Founder
Tomas Hrdlicka

FeedFlo is a Manitoba-based ag-tech startup dedicated to revolutionizing livestock production and sustaining the world’s food supply. FeedFlo empowers producers to optimize animal care and performance by providing cutting edge and affordable IoT sensor technology.

Our flagship product, “”FeedFlo””, monitors animals’ feed consumption in real time and helps producers detect health and operational issues quickly. Specifically, the sensor sits on top of feeding pipes and actively monitors the quantity of feed passing underneath it. Using patented LIDAR technology, FeedFlo sensors take hundreds of measurements per second to ensure maximum accuracy. Empowered with this data, producers can take proactive measures to curb problems early and avoid costly health outbreaks and other delays in production.

Casey Forsyth
Co-founder and CEO
Ethan Chochinov
FeedFlo - Manitoba, Canada
Founders: Casey Forsyth - CEO & CO Founder, Ethan Chochinov - COO
Feedware - Alberra, Canada
Founders: Josh Hawley - President & Co-Founder, Tara Hawely - Co-Founder

Feedware Systems specialize in cross-platform traceability solutions that connect top office, manufacturing, and warehouse for effective traceability of production and regulatory requirements. Providing stand-alone and integrated solutions that make production and logistic operations faster and easier – Feedware Systems make it simple for producers, manufacturers and movers to ensure they consistently meet safety standards through procurement, production, and logistics – while achieving full traceability and compliance.

Josh Hawley
President & Co-Founder
Tara Hawely

Mycro Harvest is revolutionizing mushroom production using artificial intelligence and robust automation to more than double crop yield and cut production costs. Mycro Harvest’s highly scalable AI-powered farms unlock the production of specialty mushrooms for low-carbon food and new sustainable materials.

Christopher Klich
CEO & Co Founder
Justin Cheng
CTO & Co-Founder
Mycro Harvest - Ontario, Canada
Founders: Christopher Klich - CEO & Co Founder, Justin Cheng - CTO & Co-Founder
Permalution - Quebec, Canada
Founder: Tatiana Estevez - CEO & Founder

Permalution works on cloud and fog water collection technology. As rain is vertical precipitation, fog or clouds are horizontal precipitation and we can collect up to three times more water than with rain. We are on a mission to introduce a new water source to the world through our world-class technology: the Fog Atlas, the Water Radar and the Fog Collectors.
Permalution’s solutions are more affordable than desalination plants, more efficient than rain, and safer than groundwater extraction.

Tatiana Estevez
CEO & Founder

Poket is a customizable field data collection and surveying software used by agrifood businesses, NGOs and research agencies. Clients use Poket to empower their last-mile users in the field (such as growers) to self-report field data in exchange for rewards and incentives. It also allows these users in the field to access real-time, community-based data and resources via custom maps and dashboards. 
Poket’s key focus is on projects in climate-smart agriculture, agri-food supply chains and food security where there is a self-reported, citizen-generated, community-based, crowdsourcing, or mapping component. Poket has also been engineered to work offline, on low-cost smartphones and in different languages for applications in international markets.

Kamil Shafiq
Naba Siddiqui | Co-Founder
Poket Inc. - Ontario, Canada
Founders: Kamil Shafiq - Co-Founder, Naba Siddiqui - Co-Founder
SolarSteam Inc. - Alberta, Canada
Founder: Apostol Radev | CEO & Founder

SolarSteam delivering renewable heat to AgTech processes through enclosed concentrated solar technology is a game-changer to reduce their costs and emissions.

Apostol Radev
CEO & Founder

Susgrainable Health Foods Inc. stands at the forefront of the food industry, producing barley flour, baking mixes, and baked goods using upcycled ingredients sourced from beverage producers. Established with a mission to combat food waste and champion healthier diets, Susgrainable’s innovative approach has led to the creation of a shelf-stable upcycled barley flour, derived from the vast amounts of spent grain, rich in fibre and protein, generated by Canadian craft brewers. By upcycling beer “waste” into tasty easy-to-make baking mixes, Susgrainable is participating in the fight against low fibre diets and food waste. With their initial product line of baking mixes, Susgrainable provides fun and healthy treats for the whole family with sustainability baked into every bite! 

Marc Wandler
CEO & Co-Founder,
Clinton Bishop
COO & Co-Founder
Susgrainable - British Columbia, Canada
Founders: Marc Wandler - CEO & Co-Founder, Clinton Bishop - COO & Co-Founder
Verge Technologies Inc. - Alberta, Canada
Founder: Scott Bishop - General Counsel, VP Corporate Development, Ryan Johnson - CEO & Co-Founder, Godard - COO & Co-Founder

Verge Technologies is a corporation with primary development operations in Alberta. Verge began operations in 2019 with a mission to develop software that enables farmers to plan, simulate, and validate the movement of equipment in the field and execute field operations efficiently. Verge has developed software solutions on our Launch Pad Platform, Path Planner & Equipment Explorer, that help farmers manage their land and equipment to efficiently and remotely execute field operations, enabling farming to be truly autonomous.

COO & Co-Founder
Ryan Johnson
Scott Bishop
General Counsel / VP Corporate Development
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