The THRIVE Canada Accelerator supports early-stage startups from across the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.


The THRIVE Canada Accelerator supports early-stage startups from across the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.

THRIVE is constantly seeking innovative companies with technology solutions that can potentially solve some of the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries. Joining the THRIVE platform puts you on our radar and provides an opportunity for you to be considered for our accelerator programs, investment, or opportunities that may arise with our corporate partners. Submit this form to be considered.


Participation in our award-winning program will validate your startup to potential investors and give you access to THRIVE’s ecosystem, network, customers, and investment in addition to significant perks from network partners IBM, STRIPE, Hubspot, Zendesk, AWS, Zenefits and Carta.


We will connect you with Corporate Partners from our high profile network, for technology validation, adoption and potential investment opportunities.


We will invest CAD $75k in your startup ($37.5k in program value and $37.5k cash). Winner will have the opportunity for additional follow-on investment up to $250k.


Through our extensive partner network inclusive of over 6000+ farmers, growers, and agriculture partners, we provide startups with opportunities to conduct active field trials.


Through our partnership with Olds College, we provide access to their agritech innovation Smart Farm for you to test and validate your technology solution.


You will have access to expert mentors & advisors as well as access to our extensive global entrepreneur network.
Check out our mentor bank here.


You will receive a multitude of brand exposure opportunities through THRIVE’s extensive global network and press and media spotlight as THRIVE Canada’s inaugural cohort.

Applications to our Canada Accelerator Program are now closed
We’re looking for startups from across Canada.

The selected companies benefit from a three-month virtual and in-person accelerator program that provides investment, unparalleled access to the largest agriculture companies and farmers located in North America, and mentorship from top industry leaders.

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$ 0 K
up to $250k follow-on investment
THRIVE Canada Accelerator Program Timeline
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The THRIVE Canada Accelerator looks for early-stage startups headquartered in Canada with technologies focused in the following areas:
Big Data & Predictive Analytics
Supply Chain Management AND Traceability
Robotics & Automation
Indoor Farming
Innovative Food
Farm Management Software, Sensing, and IOT
Animal Health & Livestock

''AGvisorPRO is driven to become the go-to global connectivity platform in agriculture. Being a part of THRIVE, the go-to ag tech investor/accelerator means that we are part of a dynamic start up ecosystem that is determined to shape the future of food production. It doesn't get any better than this!''


Knowledge is the key to sustainability. AGvisorPRO increases sustainability by connecting those seeking agriculture advice with trusted experts who can provide answers now, thus increasing the confidence of those on the ground implementing new ideas and technologies.

Founders: Robert Saik, Patrick Walther


Susterre is pioneering the use of UHP water jets in row crop planting applications, improving the cutting of crop residue and the placement of crop inputs into the soil. Susterre’s technology facilitates the use of no-till farming and cover crops, which drives costs out of farming, helps regenerate the soil and preserves natural resources.

Founder: Michael Cully

"It's a great honour to be selected for the THRIVE program. Being able to share problems and solutions with other startups like us is a great experience. With THRIVE's experience, guidance, and network, we are on the fast lane to success!"

''Being a part of THRIVE Canada further validates our business case to bring smart efficiency to agriculture supply chains. We cannot wait to leverage THRIVE's ecosystem of corporates, mentors, AgTech investors, and industry players on our road to commercialization. ''


aiSight is a smart egg detection platform that decreases egg farm’s operational losses by controlling egg flow and equips farmers with actionable insights on poultry health and productivity.

Founders: Keyana Yeatman, David Raby-Pepin, Dave Bourbeau


RHST Water Pearls improve water efficiency in agriculture by suppressing water vapour emissions, while remaining permeable to air and water, thereby providing a sustainable means to impact water scarcity, food security and climate change.

Founder: Thomas Gradek

"Climate risks have and will continue to be front-line issues dominating the world stage and being part of the Thrive AG network enables collaboration for developing and implementing sustainable nature-based solutions to feed the growing population with our limited natural resources."

''We are excited to be part of the THRIVE accelerator. THRIVE has a fantastic program for AgTech startups by connecting them to industry partners. They become a part of your team and are on a mission to put you on a success trajectory. We are grateful to be working with such a great team.''


Develops intelligent robots to automate the most labor-intensive and repetitive tasks in agriculture.

Founders: Hani Eskandari, Amirmasoud Ghasemi


EcoBloc protects assets from rodent destruction. Utilizing ultrasonic sound, their sustainable exclusion solution creates an invisible fence around buildings, preventing rodent infestation from starting in the first place.

Founders: Jason Trask, Neil Nordeje

''Thrive will give us insight into how best to sell to farmers and food supply chain companies, and access to investors that understand our mission and are willing to get behind it.''

''Being part of THRIVE's first Canadian cohort gives Nectar the opportunity to leverage SVG Venture's support and extensive network needed to further our company's impact on the pollinated food system, all while gaining incredible exposure to some of the top minds in agtech and putting the spotlight on the importance of pollinators in our food supply chain.''


Nectar’s mission is to secure the world’s pollinated food supply chain. Using precision beekeeping technology, Nectar helps commercial beekeepers run healthier bees and ensure growers’ access to pollination while providing agrifood stakeholders the pollinators data to optimize toward a sustainable food supply chain.

Founders: Marc-André Roberge, Evan Henry



Verdi is building the first commercial platform to deliver personalized nutrition directly to plants. They help growers significantly improve crop value while protecting crops from environmental stress.

Founders: Arthur Chen, Roman Kozak, Jacky Jiang

''THRIVE is an incredible program that gives us a global platform to reach customers and corporate partners. We are honored and excited to join the THRIVE ecosystem, and we look forward to building the next stage of our company with them!.''

''It was an honour to be accepted into the inaugural Canadian Cohort of THRIVE. Participating in their prestigious program will allow us to leverage their vast international network of corporate partners, growers, mentors, AgTech investors and other successful entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to working with the THRIVE team to propel Nurture Growth Bio to the next level, and help us achieve our mission of fighting climate change by providing growers with a microbial solution that replaces synthetic fertilizers.''

Growth Bio

Nurture Growth Bio is a circular economy company that upcycles food waste and uses innovative science, with a little help from Mother Nature and beneficial microorganisms, to transform it into a microbial fertilizer that increases yield and improves soil health while reducing dependence on synthetic fertilizers.

Founders: Le Luong,  Can Nguyen


Combines advanced AI algorithms with sensor data from inside the cow to assists farmers with better animal health insights, improve farm productivity, and reduce the environmental impact of the industry.

Founders: Denis Tokarev

''It's a great honour to be selected for the THRIVE program. We cannot wait to leverage the networking opportunities offered by THRIVE through its access to the network of farmers and investors to support Cattle Scan's development in the market of North America and Globally.''