The accelerator for agrifood start-ups
looking to scale and expand globally

The THRIVE Global Accelerator program is a 12 week award-winning program designed specifically to support seed through series A companies, preparing them for growth and scalability. Supporting companies across the agrifood value chain, the THRIVE Global Accelerator places a strong emphasis on companies creating a sustainable future through innovation.
The THRIVE Global Accelerator program is specifically designed to support Seed to Series A stage companies.

At this stage, companies are past ideation and are at least in the pre-minimum viable product, prototype in beta or product in market (paying customers) growth stages. This program benefits companies looking to access investors in Silicon Valley and expand operations globally.

THRIVE IX Accelerator Program Timeline
Accelerator Benefits
Through the THRIVE Accelerator you'll receive the tools and support
to build a company foundation for scalable growth

We will connect you with Corporate Partners from our high profile network, for technology validation, adoption and potential investment opportunities.


Through our extensive partner network inclusive of farmers, growers, and agriculture partners, we provide startups with opportunities to conduct active field trials.


THRIVE will connect you to corporate partners and investors from our network who may pursue investment. Following completion of the program, THRIVE will offer investment to select companies.


Participation in our award-winning program will validate your startup to potential investors and give you access to THRIVE’s ecosystem, network, customers, and investment in addition to significant perks from network partners IBM, Stripe, Hubspot, Zendesk, AWS, Zenefits and Carta.


You will have access to expert mentors and advisors as well as access to our extensive global entrepreneur network.


You will receive a multitude of brand exposure opportunities through THRIVE’s extensive global network, press and media.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of webinars will be held virtually via Zoom. Seed Camp Week and Demo Day will be held in-person, government guidelines permitting. Upon acceptance into the program, we request full participation in our webinars, events and workshops. Seed Camp week is currently scheduled for the week of March 13th 2023 in Silicon Valley, California and Demo Day in early summer 2023. 

THRIVE Accelerator’s are looking for Seed to Series A staged companies to join the program. At this stage, companies are past ideation and are at least in the pre-minimum viable product, prototype in beta or product in market (paying customers) growth stages.

No your startup can be in the pre-minimum viable product or prototype in beta stages. We seek to invest in innovative AgriTech and FoodTech startups that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that can potentially solve some of our biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries.

Upon review of all Accelerator applications, the top 10 will be invited to Pitch Day, a virtual pitch event judged by our corporate partners, mentors and other ecosystem partners. This is currently scheduled for mid-December 2022 and only those selected will be contacted. A formal interview will take place the following week. Offer of Acceptance for successful applicants will be contacted by January 26th 2023.
Thereafter, the onboarding and due diligence process begins with the THRIVE Accelerator team.

Applicants who are not invited to Pitch Day and Interviews will be personally contacted by the THRIVE Accelerator team. The THRIVE Academy or Studio program may be better suited based on your company stage and goals.

No – the THRIVE Global accelerator is free to apply and participate.

Upon acceptance into the THRIVE Global Accelerator program, SVG Ventures will invest $100K in your startup ($50K cash, $50K in program value), with the opportunity for additional follow-on investment.