The THRIVE Accelerator supports seed stage startups from all areas of the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.

THRIVE is constantly seeking innovative companies with technology solutions that can potentially solve some of the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries. Joining the THRIVE platform puts you on our radar and provides an opportunity for you to be considered for our accelerator programs, investment, or opportunities that may arise with our corporate partners. Submit this form to be considered.

We will connect you with Corporate Partners from our high profile network, for technology validation, adoption and potential investment opportunities.


Through our extensive partner network inclusive of over 6000+ farmers, growers, and agriculture partners, we provide startups with opportunities to conduct active field trials.


We will invest $100K in your startup ($50K cash, $50K in program value), with the opportunity for additional follow-on investment.


Participation in our award-winning program will validate your startup to potential investors and give you access to THRIVE’s ecosystem, network, customers, and investment in addition to significant perks from network partners IBM, STRIPE, Hubspot, Zendesk, AWS, Zenefits and Carta.


You will have access to expert mentors & advisors as well as access to our extensive global entrepreneur network.


You will receive a multitude of brand exposure opportunities & the opportunity for global press & media spotlight at Demo Day at the annual Forbes AgTech Summit.

Applications for our THRIVE VIII Accelerator Program are now closed
THRIVE Accelerator startups are from all over the globe.

The selected companies benefit from a 3 month virtual and in-person accelerator program that provides investment, direct access to the largest agriculture companies and farmers located in the Salinas and Central California growing regions, and mentorship from top industry leaders. The program begins in March and culminates in June at Demo Day at the Forbes AgTech Summit.

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THRIVE VIII Accelerator Program Timeline
Second Crew
THRIVE Accelerator looks for early to growth stage startups with technologies focused in the following areas:
Big Data & Predictive Analytics
Supply Chain Management AND Traceability
Robotics & Automation
Indoor Farming
Innovative Food
Farm Management Software, Sensing, and IOT
Animal Health & Livestock

“For us, being part of the Thrive program is not only very exciting by itself, but means also giving a leap forward on many aspects, like networking, exposure and a big push to accelerate our goals. This is a game changer for us.”

— Ignacio Albornoz


Cattler is a management software platform for the cattle industry, integrating processes and third party technologies into an online business ecosystem.

Founders: Ignacio Albornoz, Martin Garbulsky, Ezequiel Conti 


F4A is a technology company fighting food waste primarily on a food retail level, by connecting the supply – food, that supermarkets would throw away – with supply- consumers, who are willing to buy these products at a discounted price.

Founders: Ilana Devillers

“Being part of the Thrive acceleration program means a lot to us, as we would like to expand in the USA. We believe it's an opportunity of a lifetime and it is to help us understand the particularities of the American Market.”

— Ilana Devillers

“The THRIVE program brings together an amazing network of startups, mentors, partners, and investors while providing great visibility into the global agriculture ecosystem. The program will undoubtedly help accelerate our vision and we’re honored to join this year’s cohort among so many great startups.”

— Matthew Rosen

Haystack Ag

Haystack Ag provides cost-effective and high-accuracy soil carbon verification solutions for landowners and carbon markets.

Founders: Matthew Rosen

Iamus Technologies

Iamus is an agricultural technology company that uses machine learning to turn visual, environmental and biometric bird and farm information into actionable data for poultry producers.

Founders: Share Kieran

“Being part of the THRIVE Accelerator Program facilitates our market entry to the US. Through the hugely impressive network of mentors and partners, THRIVE allows us to build the foundations that help position our business to capitalize on the massive US poultry market opportunity. We look forward to being part of the THRIVE ecosystem and contribute to sustainably solving global challenges in the agrifood industry.”

— Share Kieran

“Thrive Global Accelerator is a chance for us to level up our impact to a global perspective beyond our home market Sweden.”

— Eslam Salah


Lupinta is an R&D-driven Food tech startup, using lupin beans as the core ingredients to develop healthy, tasty, and environmentally friendly meat alternatives.

Founders: Eslam Salah

Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines is a robotics platform that carries out labour intensive work in horticulture (especially harvesting) using computer vision, machine learning and swarm robotics.

Founders: Florian Richter, Christopher Chavasse

“Being part of THRIVE is a great opportunity for Muddy Machines to get a foothold in the North American grower and investor ecosystem which is vital for our ambitions of becoming a global player in farm robotics.”

— Florian Richter

"Being a part of the THRIVE program is an exciting opportunity at this stage for our company as we aim to improve animal health standards globally. We are grateful we can learn from other start ups who face similar challenges as our team. Pharm Robotics has begun proof-of-concept testing on Sureshot’s™ capabilities and we’re grateful to work with THRIVE's partners to help more dairies improve their herd's health."

— Alika Chuck

Pharm Robotics

Pharm Robotics is creating a robotic health center that will help farmers with the inoculation process for their cows. Once fully developed, the automated system will record when the cow was given vital pharmaceuticals, what kind of medication she was given, the dose administered, and how much she weighs at that point in time.

Founders: Alika Chuck, Marinus Dijkstra


SeedLinked is a two-sided platform: a seed innovation platform powered by thousands of growers reviews that fuel a prescriptive seed marketplace.

Founders: Nicolas Enjalbert, Co-founder BD: Dylan Bruce

“Good advice is priceless, and has always been just as important for our company as investment. We're excited to be a part of THRIVE to tap into a world-class network full of leading innovators in food and agriculture. It's the perfect platform to take our business to the next level!”

— Nicolas Enjalbert

“THRIVE program is the bridge to the US market. It's a great honour to be selected for the THRIVE program.”

— Donat Posta


SMAPPLAB is a reliable pest pressure monitoring and forecasting tool. Less pesticide, more harvest, sustainable agriculture.

Founders: Donat Posta

Space AG

Space AG is a software platform that empowers people in agriculture through digitization and data collection, providing information that improves their quality of work and life.

Founder: Guillermo De Vivanco, Cesar Urrutia

“Our software improves people’s lives in agriculture. After launching and scaling in Latin America, we are ready for our global expansion. We are confident that THRIVE’s great network and focus on business development will help as accelerate our growth to create the biggest impact.”

— Guillermo De Vivanco