Current Cohort

The below companies are part of the THRIVE Academy II cohort.

Agrodit - Malmo, Sweden
Founders: Maria Martinez - CEO, Fernando Carrasco - CTO

Agrodit develops smart irrigation systems to save water and resources in agriculture with the use of sensors, AI, and circular technology. Their system can be adapted to each customer’s need and size and helps save up to 50% of water consumption while increases crop productivity up to 40%.

Maria Martinez

Collaskins offers high-quality pet treats made from fish waste by-products. The products are made to provide new revenue streams to coastal communities and increase the efficiency of the fish sector by utilizing more of each fish. Newfoundland fish processors only use 37% of each cod, creating approximately 8,500 metric tons of waste by-products each year. Collaskins can divert this waste from landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60%. They have a fine-tuned production process and a large network of seafood processor partners that enables them to process unlimited quantities of fish skins at low costs.

Janice Saunders
Founder CEO
COLLASKINS - Main Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Founders: Janice Saunders - CEO, Ben Wiper - COO
Cropinno - Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Founders: Sara Mirshekari - CEO, Hamed Hamedian - Business Development Manager / COO, Siamak Salman - CTO, Mohsen Hosseini - Chief Science Officer

Cropinno uses satellite technology and AI to improve precision agriculture and farm management. The company offers a cloud-based, easy-to-use software for farmers to monitor crop health and growth, detect plant stress, and make informed decisions. The solution reduces input costs and increases yield while reducing environmental impact.

Sara Mirshekari

CultivateCI offers a crop production carbon intensity scoring platform for the entire commodity value chain. The platform addresses the unmet need for a low carbon intensity certification system that provides an auditable transaction log and full traceability.

Boyd Koldingnes
CultivateCI - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Boyd Koldingnes - Co-Founder and CEO, Kyle Hoyda, Co-Founder
DeepBlue Greens - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founder: Javed Shaikh - Founder & Director

DeepBlue Greens helps indoor farmers improve crop productivity through innovative aeroponic, hydroponic, and greenhouse products. Their Voltaponics™ system delivers electrically-energized air, water, and nutrients to plants and enhances existing equipment. They also offer a plasma-activated seed and irrigation water treatment system that increases germination rate, plant biomass, and shelf life of harvested produce. Their system provides on-demand essential nutrients and full cycle enhancement, setting them apart from other fertilizer systems.

Javed Shaikh
Founder and CEO

Gbot Solutions is redefining crop scouting. They combine robotics and deep learning to take crop description to a whole new level. With their phenotyping solutions they optimize crop information acquisition, helping plant breeders in their endeavours for designing the crops of the future.

Nicolas Santinelli
Agriculture Engineer and CEO
Gbot Solutions - Sunchales, Argentina
Founders: Nicolas Santinelli - Agriculture Engineer – CEO, Juan Ignacio Mandolesi - Computer Engineer - COO, Javier Epeloa - PhD & Electronic Engineer – CTO, Sergio Gregoti - Computer Engineer – CIO
gensoil: Fountain Valley, California, USA
Founders: Simon Stopol - Co-Founder & CEO, Luis Manzano - Co-Founder & COO

Gensoil uses blockchain technology to promote soil regeneration in the food supply chain. It offers farmers low-cost soil testing, agronomic advice, and biofertilizer in exchange for data on their soil, crops, and inputs. This data is monetized through various market participants such as corporate buyers, ag lenders, and CO2 credit buyers. gensoil helps generate and share soil health data and build incentives for consumers, corporate buyers, and farmers.

Simon Stopol

Kybus Nutrients is addressing the environmental impact of fish waste from fish farms by converting it into a clear, odorless fertilizer that can be immediately taken up by plants. The technology provides a sustainable solution for both farmers and the environment, by generating income from what would normally be sources of waste from the fish industry and transforming it into salt-free fertilizers which will help improve soil health.

Kody Van Sloten
Kybus Nutrients: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founder: Kody Van Sloten, CEO
Loop Farms - Berlin, Germany
Founders: Aimee Thompson - Founder & CTO, Julie Rosenfeld - Founder & COO

Loop Farms is the “farm next door” for urban centers. Using an original controlled environment agriculture system, Loop can grow a range of counter-cyclical crops, helping customers reduce their reliance on high-emissions imports. The glass-walled sites adapt to non-traditional urban spaces, bringing farm-to-fork into our communities with hyperlocal, naturally grown produce. By incorporating agrivoltaics, rain and greywater treatment, and anaerobic waste-nutrient extraction, sites keep operating costs low by optimizing their resource usage. Loop Farms is currently piloting two flagship products: zero-waste liquid plant fertilizer and upcycled rockwool seedlings.

Aimee Thompson
CTO – Co-Founder

Mi Terro engineers biomass waste into hydrophilic biopolymers to replace microplastics. This is a first-of-its-kind solution that targets PVA, a synthetic plastic polymer that is commonly found wrapping household items such as dishwasher and laundry pods. Mi Terro’s solution is patented, bio-based, and requires up to 40% less energy to produce while emitting 38% less CO2. It is also home compostable, ocean degradable, and printable, among other benefits.

Robert Luo
Founder and CEO
Mi Terro - Los Angeles, California, USA
Founder: Robert Luo, Founder and CEO
Nanomix - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Andrii Poltiev - Co-founder, Oleksandr Radchenko - Co-founder, Oleksii Pavliuchenko - Co-founder, Naum Bespaly, Director

Nanomix is a manufacturer of a patented, effective, and environmentally friendly fertilizer. It has a rich composition and can increase harvest yield by up to 30%, improve crop quality, and restore soil fertility. It is effective on all types of soil and suitable for any water hardness. With 12 natural chelating agents, plants can absorb Nanomix 10 times faster, reducing farmer costs. The fertilizer is easy to use and has a unique manufacturing process and formulation, making it suitable for a range of crops. The target market is commercially serviced agricultural growers and the potential market size includes all Canadian farmers making it a desirable new product.

Andrii Poltiev

Oonnie Food aims to make shopping for local food easy. Find your favorite local food producers online, order your grocery staples, and get it all delivered! Oonnie offers a convenient and sustainable alternative to traditional grocery shopping, supporting local agriculture and reducing food waste by connecting consumers with small-scale producers all online.

Nicole Matos
Founder & CEO
Oonnie - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Nicole Matos – Founder & CEO, Courtney Hanak – Business Operations Manager
Planetary Harvest Vertical Farms - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founders: Richard Gibson - Co-Founder, Chuck Smith - Co-Founder

Planetary Harvest Vertical Farms is a vertical farm company that aims to provide leaf, root, and fruit production for remote communities in Canada. Their farm is designed with minimal electronic complexity, low maintenance costs, and incorporates wind power to offset electricity demands. The farm is flat-packed, transportable, and scalable, and is designed with minimal requirements for fans, pumps, and HVAC equipment.

Richard Gibson

T.R.A.D Worm Industries is a circular environmental and economic company that utilizes contained vermicomposting technology to make use of landfill diverted organic food waste as feed stock to produce an optimal quality, natural, and safe soil amendment also known as castings. Castings enhance nutrient cycling, increase atmospheric carbon sequestration, and reduce plant dependence on synthetic fertilizer.

Roxanne Doerksen
T.R.A.D. Worm Industries- Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Founder: Roxanne Doerksen - Founder & CEO
Top Grade Ag - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founder: Glenn Wilde - Founder

Top Grade Ag offers an innovative solution for pro-active on-farm grain drying. Utilizing bin instrumentation and a web-based app, farmers can lock in optimum quality and reduce losses associated with field drying of broad acre crops. Their real-time dashboard provides monitoring for tough grain in-bin and the instrumentation can retrofit to existing facilities.

Glenn Wilde
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