Meet our impressive startups handpicked
from a global pool of 600+ applicants!

"It is an honor to be accepted into this program with so many exciting startups. THRIVE has a history of being a leader in accelerator programs with thought-provoking, forward-thinking agriculture technology aspirations. We are excited for firsthand experience and collaboration with both trusted venture capital and corporate players."

— Matt Rohlik


Arva provides an advanced AI & ML approach to data analytics in agriculture. Arva’s proprietary technology clusters soils into regimes to match genetics, fertility, and biologicals by environment.


Autonomous Pivot develops an intelligent platform for optimizing irrigation, fertigation, and crop-protection in fields irrigated by irrigation-pivot.

"It's a great honour to be selected for the THRIVE program. Being able to share problems and solutions with other startups like us is a great experience. With THRIVE's experience, guidance, and network, we are on the fast lane to success!"

— Yuval Aviel

"THRIVE is the premiere AgTech accelerator in the U.S. The contacts, visibility, as well as access to potential partners and funders is extraordinary. It was quite an honor to be selected from hundreds and hundreds of great companies."

— Mark DeSantis

Bloomfield Robotics

Bloomfield crop assessment services relies on a unique and cost-effective combination of ground-based image capture and deep learning-based processing to help farmers efficiently, effectively, and affordably assess crops.


Foodlocker is the operating system that optimizes the outcomes and yields of smallholder farmers by supporting and monitoring production activities and opening up big markets using their omnichannel distribution system.

"Acceptance to the THRIVE Accelerator Program means access to corporates, mentors, AgTech investors, and a very prestigious AgTech ecosystem in the U.S. We are very excited to be the first African startup to be accepted to the community."

— Femi Aiki

"THRIVE's focus on driving commercial outcomes differentiates and elevates the value of their program on the AgTech world stage. We cannot wait to leverage the networking opportunities offered by THRIVE as we make market entry in to the United States."

— Alicia Garden


Goanna Ag addresses an environment suffering impacts of long-term drought and lack of water access. Using low-cost sensors and connectivity, this company works with growers to optimize water management across the farm and significantly improve on-farm efficiencies.

Healthy Cow Corporation

Healthy Cow products are developed to prevent critical diseases in the dairy sector. Derived from extensive systems biology research, ProPreg™ is an intravaginally applied probiotic that maintains a healthy reproductive microbiome before and after calving.

"Acceptance into THRIVE is an honour as their support further validates the importance of our mission. Healthy Cow has been diligently working to field test ProPreg’s™ effectiveness, and we’re excited to work with THRIVE, their partners, and their network to get it into the hands of progressive dairy farmers."

— Louis Hui

"The THRIVE Accelerator Program allows us to tap into a vast network of Agtech-focused entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and farms to accelerate our ability to bring our novel smart fertilizer to the market—which has significant benefits for the environment and food security."

— Michael Riedijk

Lucent BioSciences

Lucent Biosciences has developed a patented process technology that upcycles low value fiber from food processing residue like pea hulls or rice husk as a carrier for the micronutrients, creating a circular economy from crop to fertilizer.

Pheronym, Inc.

Pheronym uses pheromones for eco-friendly pest control solutions. The company’s bio-control process improves plant health and crop yield using a new pheromone to control parasitic roundworms, control insect pests in the soil, and protect crop roots.

"Being accepted into the THRIVE Program validates the business case for our pheromone-based pest control products. The program will put us directly in touch with farmers and corporate partners to bring our sustainable products to the farmers."

— Karl Schiller

"As an Australian startup, joining THRIVE is a tremendous validation of our concept and a unique opportunity to scale. We look forward to being part of the THRIVE ecosystem and contribute to solving global challenges in the agrifood industry.”

— Daniel Pelliccia

Rubens Technologies

Rubens Technologies provides a unique combo of sensors and analytics with the quality and provenance intelligence system for the fresh food supply chain.


Serket provides livestock farmers with an easy-to-use technology solution to monitor animal health. By detecting changes in animal behavior in real time, this company enables farmers to use less antibiotics, reduce feeding costs, and improve animal mortality rate and welfare. 

Founder: Kristof Nagy 

"Solving the biggest challenges in the food and agriculture industry means collaborating with credible and innovative partners. Participating in the THRIVE program is an incredible opportunity for us. We are excited to bring our vision and mission to producers and farm communities with THRIVE’s support."

— -Kristof Nagy

“Being part of the THRIVE Accelerator Program and being supported by the SVG team is a great opportunity to position Syocin in the global agricultural market, to work close to U.S. grower companies for valuable inputs and product validations, and to gain international visibility on the top agtech landscape.”

-Marcos Delas

Syocin Biotech

Syocin Biotech is leveraging their Synthetic Biology Platform to revolutionize the way in which plant bacterial diseases are treated and cured to improve world food availability.


Transpirational is developing a sprayable, biodegradable polymer membrane to increase water savings in crop production while removing the environmental and financial burden of plastic mulch films.

"THRIVE will provide our team with much needed exposure within the U.S. Agri eco-system, and access to THRIVE's network and partners will be critical for the awareness and growth of our product. We look forward to learning from the THRIVE VII Program."

— Shalen Kumar