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As a European startup, being selected to the Thrive Accelerator program is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the Ag Industry in North America, especially in California, to increase our network of Farmers and Co-Ops and to explore new partnerships to launch our digital marketplace in the US market.”

— Tiago Pessoa


Agri Marketplace is a B2B digital trading platform, which offers an integrated solution where you can buy and sell food crops without intermediation, allowing access to markets that result in a more transparent, fair and profitable operation.



Cattle care

Cattle Care lets dairy farmers automate their operations, increase milk yields and decrease expenses using Computer Vision.



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“Thrive is the right partner to help us with sales through channel partners. It’s great to be a part of their amazing network of AgTech founders”

— Artem Timanov

“Thrive has been a game changer for us. They have helped us to connect on a much deeper level into the AgTech ecosystem than we were ever before.”

— Aadith Moorthy


ConserWater uses satellites and AI to help farmers grow more healthy crops with less water, electricity, fertilizer and money. We
predict soil moisture and soil nutrient contents without any hardware on the ground.



Founder: Aadith Moorthy


DiagamiRs is a biomarker discovery platform and we’re focused on building a portfolio of solutions across Animal, Plant and Human applications.  The team are passionate about supporting the global effort to eradicate infectious diseases and we’d like you to join us in this fight.

“We focused on THRIVE given their strong track record in accelerating emerging technologies in the Agtech sector to commercial outcomes.”

“Admission to this THRIVE VI Accelerator Cohort gives GroGuru unprecedented access to key customers and potential strategic partners in the agriculture space.”​

— Patrick Henry


GroGuru helps farmers increase crop yield and more efficiently use water using permanently installed soil sensors and a machine-learning enabled cloud-based recommendation engine.


HiveKeepers is smart enabling beekeepers to create healthier hives for a sustainable future.

Founder: Simon Mildren

“Thrive has given HiveKeepers great recognition within our industry as we move into our next phase. We have gained confidence and growth through expert mentoring and advice from connections sourced on a global scale that is simply not available by any other means.’’​

— Simon Mildren

“A key part of success for a new business is surrounding yourself with people who have already been there. We are at the top of the Agtech landscape right now”

— Mario Bustamante


Instacrops is a full stack platform that integrates and packages a set of technologies and services for giving real time recommendations for farmers using ML and AI.


Intello Labs digitizes quality in the fresh produce supply chains, reducing food wastage by detecting variance from specifications and matching output to needs.


“Thrive has been a great learning experience as we exchange notes with businesses across the globe. The team has been an awesome sounding board for our growth plans and they have provided valuable inputs for our entry into US market.’’

— Milan Sharma

“Being part of the THRIVE program has given us incredible learning and access into the US market. We are excited to have SVG on our team as we continue on our path to help bring traceability across the entire dairy supply chain.’’

— Robert Forsythe

Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement is a powerful tool that connects all players in the dairy supply chain. With features for transportation monitoring, production tracking, quality monitoring & producer payment, Milk Moovement is the only tool you need to manage a dairy supply chain.


Platfarm makes any tractor a smart tractor: getting your data off the map and into the field, so that you can turn insights into action, simply, with just your smart device.



“The world has 17 million acres of vines and 30 million basic tractors; joining the THRIVE Accelerator connects Platfarm to an international AgTech community with the expertise and vision to help us democratise the future of high tech agriculture.”

— Lyndsey Jackson


SolGro increases crop production though light converting greendhouse canopies.

Founders: Tyler Sickels


Spornado disease alert system brings molecular diagnostics to agriculture to inform growers about disease and guide pesticide application to improve sustainability and global food security.

“Being part of the Thrive Accelerator has provided our startup learning and growth through their programming and mentorship. This opportunity has given us unprecedented access to the agricultural community including growers, industry, investors and other innovators.’’​

— Kristine White​

“For Stream.ML working with Thrive has quickly advanced our ability to access both thought leaders and tier one customers in agriculture.”

— John Murphy


The Stream.ML machine learning platform enables ag-tech companies to implement analytics, with no data scientists needed. Image and sensor based inspections can add immediate value to reports, maps and knowledge used to drive real time decisions.